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WSG Ladder 2024

Thanks to everyone who completed our feedback form. We have enough people interested that we are going to launch our competition ladder this year. Signups are now open and will close on Feb 4th. There’s a small admin fee to sign up, just so people don’t sign up for free and then forget about it.

We will run three weapons; Longsword, Sabre, and Rapier and Dagger. We are going to run a “Box Ladder” competition, which will can run indefinitely, as nobody is ever eliminated. We will group fencers based on their HEMA Ratings rank into divisions on the ladder. Fencers will then have a fixed period of time (we’re planning to start with a month) to complete a match against every other fencer in their division. These can be done at WSG, club sparring or privately, in the park. At the end of each period the top fencer will move up a division and the bottom fencer will move down

Matches will be fought under Wessex League rules and will be self-judged. The fencers will report the results with an online form, details TBD.

Right now, we only have enough interested participants to run an open ladder, but due to the nature of ladders, you will always be fighting against the people who are closest to you in ability and experience.

There is a small fee for entry (£5) to cover admin expenses. 

Select the event you wish to enter below (you can enter as many as you wish) and checkout to confirm your entry.

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