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WSG Ladder 2024 Launches

Thanks to everyone who has entered the WSG Ladder 2024. If you didn’t get around to entering the first round, don’t worry, you can still enter whenever suits you and you will simply be added to the next round. We are aiming to run one round every month.

We have put together the initial divisions based on HEMA Ratings, where available, and using overall HEMA experience for those who do not yet have a HEMA Rating.


Fencers now have until the end of February to complete one scored match against everyone else in their pool, in their own time, whenever is convenient. Find the people in your pool/division (I’m going to be using the terms Pool and Division interchangeably) on the ladder page.

If there is someone in your pool who you haven’t met yet, you first call should be to contact us and ask to be added to the Waterloo Sparring Group chat, where you can meet everyone in the ladder and arrange when to meet for your match.

Coming to a Waterloo Sparring Session is a great way to find time to complete your match. Book your next session.

At the end of each round (one per month) the top fencer from each division will move up and the bottom fencer will move down.

3 points are awarded for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. This is intended to incentivise completing as many fights as possible, even if you think it will be hard to win.


Matches will be fought under the Wessex League rules and scoring system. We recommend setting a phone with a timer to one side of the piste with a countdown timer to prevent matches running on forever. Wessex league matches run for 3mins, but the timer is stopped for any points discussions. To save faffing about with phone timers, we recommend setting your timer to 3m30s, and playing the last exchange when the timer goes off.

Matches will be self judged. This should mean that matches will be less competitive than some tournaments, as it is impossible to simply advance while cutting wildly and to hope that you get awarded the points by an overwhelmed judging staff; fencers must agree on the exchange. Fencers may, if they wish, ask someone to act as judge for them (but we do not recommend having two judges). The Judge can then cast the deciding vote in the case of split decisions on points. If you do use a judge, give your phone timer to the judge and have them pause it while discussing an exchange, as there will inevitably be more discussion than without a judge. There shouldn’t be any appeals on points. If there are three separate opinions on the exchange, simply replay it. The emphasis should be on friendly competition, not absolute judging accuracy.


As competition will be less intense than a weekend tournament, kit requirements will simply follow the London Historical Fencing Club standards for steel sparring. Full tournament kit will not be required. All matches must be fought with steel weapons and the appropriate safety kit. Synthetic swords are good training tools, but are not suitable for competitive fencing as hit quality becomes far too subjective.


Results should be submitted on the WSG Ladder Page. The google form permits editing of responses if you make a mistake when filling out your form. Results will automatically be updated on the Standings, found on the same page.

You’ll need your fencer ID to submit a result. This can be found on the standings table on the same page.

Joining the Ladder

If you haven’t already entered the ladder you can still do so. The below links will let you select the weapon you wish to compete in and to pay your entry fee. You will be entered into the next round (the month following when you submit your entry) and will be entered into a division according to your experience and/or HEMA Rating.

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