Waterloo Sparring Ladder 2024

The WSG Ladder 2024 is now underway. Participants have until the end of February to complete one match against everyone else in their division and to submit their results, below.

Current Standings

At the end of each round (one per month) the top fencer from each division will move up and the bottom fencer will move down.

Submit Your Results

Join the Ladder

Right now, we only have enough interested participants to run an open ladder, but due to the nature of ladders, you will always be fighting against the people who are closest to you in ability and experience.

There is a small fee for entry (£5) to cover admin expenses. If you join the ladder while it is underway, you will be entered into the next round, a new round starts every month.

Select the event you wish to enter below (you can enter as many as you wish) and checkout to confirm your entry.