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Waterloo Sparring is Back!

Hi all, I know it has seemed very quiet recently, but we’ve been hard at work at WSG Towers getting everything ready for us to reopen.

Sparring is Back!

We’re going to be running two sparring sessions in August. The first will be August 14th and the next two weeks later on the 28th. Both will be at 2pm-4pm at Christ Church Southwark church hall. Opposite the Columbo Centre, where we used to spar. Please pay for your session on the day, through the website (links in a future update). We’ll be in touch with everyone who still has paid up classes soon after.

COVID Measures

COVID-19 is very much still a thing, so we’ll be introducing a few measures to keep everyone safe. Most of this is second nature to most of us by now, but here’s a reminder all the same.

  1. If you have a positive COVID test, have been in contact with some who has or are displaying even one symptom of COVID, please stay away! Any pre-paid sessions will still be valid.
  2. Hand Sanitisation points will be available throughout the venue. Please wash your hands when you arrive and when you leave.
  3. COVID Track-and-Trace QR codes will be available at the venue for contact tracing
  4. We will also be keeping contact details of everyone who attends in the event of a positive test.
  5. If you share any kit, please wipe it down with hand sanitiser and a paper towel before and after you lend/borrow it.
  6. Close contact and grappling will be at fencer’s discretion. Just as we always do when discussing sparring intensity levels, if someone asks to not grapple, please respect their decision.
  7. Maintain a safe social distance from other fencers when not sparring.


The biggest change for WSG this year is that we now have our own Martial Arts insurance, provided through the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA). Previously, like many events, WSG depended on the individual insurance of those attending. From now on all members of WSG (anyone who attends is nominally a member, for insurance purposes) will benefit from £5m public liability insurance. So if you accidentally injure or damage the property of someone, insurance will cover it.

Personal accident cover is not included. This means that engaging in a fencing bout is still at your own risk. So check in with your partner for their experience and desired intensity level before sparring, and look after each other out there.

Our insurance does require us to have first aiders on hand. If anyone has an up to date first aid qualification, or is interested in getting one please drop me a line. We’ll get a few people trained up and then make sure at least one of us is at each session.

Paying for your Session

We have moved the WSG bank account to an entirely new bank. Please delete your saved Waterloo Sparring Bank details. Please don’t pay for sparring by bank transfer any more. If you do, we won’t get it, and you’ll lose your money. We’ll be taking payments for sessions through our website, in future. Keep an eye out for the next update.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye out for the next update, which will include details on how to pay for sessions. Looking forward to sparring you all again!

-Dan Powell

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