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Two Years! (plus Turin Results) - Andrea Boschetti Copyright © 2015 – Andrea Boschetti Copyright © 2015

WSG regulars took the Rapier Open Gold and Silver, the Sidesword Open Silver and Bronze, the Longsword Oopen Silver, the Women’s Sword and Buckler Gold and the Women’s Longsword Gold.

WSG has also celebrated its two year anniversary via the traditional methods of cake, sparring, and piling up the year’s trophies and medals into a dragon hoard:

Event Review from Piermarco Terminiello below the break.

I’m not really one to write post event reviews, but I’ll make an exception for this weekends excellent Taurhemachia – HEMA Torino.

I was happy enough to win silver in single rapier and bronze in single sidesword, from a very competitive field containing Italy’s finest, but the star performer of the weekend was Alexander Makarov, my regular Saturday sparring partner at Waterloo Sparring Group, who took gold in rapier and silver in sidesword, and deserves special mention.

After we finished 1st and 2nd seeds in the rapier pools, the hoped-for intraclub final materialised, which in the end Alexander won majestically. Remarkably for a fencer of his quality his first gold medal, but I’m sure the first of many. I’ve never been so serene, and even happy to lose a final. It really felt like a breakthrough, at a large international event, with a very competitive field. I’m truly happy and proud to have contributed to his development as a fencer.

The icing on the cake was Waterloo then spamming the podium with 3 golds, 3 silvers and a bronze from six competitions.

Finally a word of congratulations to the graceful and efficient organisers, Dave Gallo,Alessandro Gallo, and Jacopo Penso of ASD La Sala delle Armi – Scuola di Arti marziali for a very smooth and well organised event. As others have said, this has all the elements in place to become “the Swordfish of the South”.

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