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May Ends in Medals

Two weekends and a good few medals in three countries. WSG regulars attended the May Melee in England (where Peter won gold) the Örebro Open in Sweden (bronze in the women’s as Michela muscled onto the podium and bronze in the rapier and dagger for Sascha, who also made it to the last four for sabre!) and SKUNKS in Poland (where Artur won “man of the event” by popular acclaim and Peter won gold in the timed cutting tournament).

Next weekend will be the Paris Open, where again WSG will be well represented in attendees.

Training continues every Saturday, with the 13th of June being a special “Fechtschule” anti-tournament.


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26th April will be a Special Sunday Session

Due to venue constraints, Waterloo Sparring Group will be meeting on Sunday the 26th of April instead of Sat 25th. From 11am as always, and we suspect there’ll be Sunday lunches to follow the sparring and training.

Facebook Event link for the curious or those who cannot plan calendars without social media.

PS – congratulations to those WSG regulars at the Copenhagen Open. We hear they’ve done excellently in tough competition, with several undefeated at the pools stage.


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New Year’s Update – Same Old Deal, We Train Eat Sleep Repeat

Two months into 2015. What happened since the last update? The usual… We had our Christmas party: 10847719_10205270941630470_7133410950944536656_o We’ve trained and sparred every Saturday: 10980154_10205791167115782_6714027114836203389_o   Except some of us missed the first Saturday of the year to hold the UK’s first HEMA event of the year in Southampton and spread the HEMA joy: 10898230_10155180816535122_2667419354485035068_n10408097_10155180817525122_2164313705782994340_n10653860_1567057250197728_1505562593853288228_n Some of us went to the Helsinki Open, the first event in the Nordic Historical Fencing League. We’re currently the 6th highest club on the league scoreboard. Not bad for a club from outside the Nordic countries. 10410354_10153102990555844_2102231027636808522_n So yes, nothing to report but business as normal working to improve ourselves as historical martial artists.

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Christmas is coming

Here are some videos of our session this weekend. Next Saturday (the 20th) is the last one of the year, it promises to be a good one. If you wish to join us get in touch.