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Christmas, Charity, and Cheap Hits

To give is better than to receive, especially with dussacks.

We celebrated Christmas not just with a dinner, but with a charity tournament. We ran it on ersatz-Fechtschule rules (King of the Hill headshots only) with dussacks and sabres, and allowed a nameless late arriving Frenchman to buy his way into the final round to win once everyone else was eliminated…

At the end of the session WSG had raised ¬£150 for charity. This was wired across to our friends at HVN, who’d been holding their own (rather grander) tournament at the same time.

All in all EUR1,200 was raised for cancer charities by the power of anachronistic violence.

Then we descended on an unsuspecting (but pre-booked) pub for turkey burgers and shenanigans.

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