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Bulk Fencing is Back

Happy new year everyone! Waterloo Sparring will be back from January 8th this year, same time, same place (2pm, Christ Church, Southwark).

This year, we have brought back bulk purchase discounts on our fencing sessions, offering discounts of up to £30 if you buy in bulk.

In December, we offered free sessions to medallists in the Wessex League event held in Oxford. If this was you, you should soon be receiving an email from the Wessex team with details on how to claim your prize.

For everyone else, feel free to avail yourselves of the bulk fencing discounts and save more money for beer and burgers!

If you had pre-paid sessions from before the pandemic shutdown, you will soon be able to use these again, in exactly the same way. Stay tuned for details, and rest assured your pre-pandemic purchases have not gone to waste.

Hope everyone is doing well, and hope to stab you soon!


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