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Bucklerthon! Also, SwordFish

A bit late for the website update, but a bunch of WSG attendees went to SwordFish. Congratulations are especially due to those who made it to the livestream: Piermarco Terminiello, with a bronze in rapier and dagger, Jack Gassmann with the technical prize in sword and buckler, on a knackered leg to boot, and Peter Smallridge with a wrestling heavyweight silver, and Michela D’Orlando who came fourth in the women’s longsword.

Draping ourselves in the flag

Back in Surrey, there was the Broadwater Bucklerthon, a rather more local event featuring both a novice nylon and invitational steel sidesword and buckler tournament. It’s great to see such effort put into building competitors here in the UK, and there were some familiar faces on the podiums.

And of course, WSG sessions continue in its usual slot. 11am, Colombo Centre. Bring swords!

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FightCamp, the UK’s biggest HEMA event, is now over. It has some tournaments, and Waterloo regulars attended, so WSG has more medals:13895406_10157535742380122_3299054302245157497_n.jpg

Jon got gold in nylon backsword, silver in longsword and bronze in rapier, Sasha got gold in rapier and bronze in longsword and nylon backsword, Pim get silver in rapier and Jay silver in Eggleton cup. Well done to them all!