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2021 Update

Hi All, I wanted to share an update on what has been happening at WSG HQ, lately.

Under New Management

First off, as you probably read in previous Facebook updates, Sasha and Masha are stepping down from running WSG this year. They’ve done amazing work running WSG almost singlehanded over the past few years, and I just want to say thanks for everything they’ve done for WSG. You’ll still see them (and maybe baby Anya) at sparring from time to time, but they won’t be running the group anymore.

That means that the admin has largely fallen to yours truly (and anyone who’s arm I can twist to help out!). I’ll be doing my best to keep WSG running as the great place for sparring practice that we have come to know and love.


First on the list is reopening after COVID. Right now the only indoor martial arts activity that is permitted indoors is partnered drills. This is Phase 1 of a four phase Return to Play plan under the DCMS rules. The phases for indoor training roughly outline as;

  • Phase 0: Solo Drills only
  • Phase 1: Partnered Drills
  • Phase 2: Sparring
  • Phase 3: Tournaments

Currently, we are in Phase 1, with no date announced when we will get to Phase 2. WSG will be opening again once we get to Phase 2.

When we do reopen we will operate on a pre-booking system, meaning you won’t be able to pay on the door or after a session. Watch this space for updates.

That’s it for now. I’m going to try and use this blog to post more updates as they happen. Feel free to chuck questions in the comments

-Dan Powell

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